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    Preferences - Adobe Graphics Manager - Warning

    digital.alchemy.studios Level 1

      Warning : DO NOT ENABLE IT, not if anything is in process or running in background.


      No idea what it is, or what it's meant to do. But it will force a power button reset and disk check if you do from having to force power down.

      it locks the UI (all UI's) if checked and will not allow a stop or anything else and freezes finder so even terminal escape is not an option.

      You will have to force shutdown and everything in process is forfeit


      Do NOT enable it if you have files in process.

      Do NOT enable it if you have files on your system disk and do not want to lose them or have them corrupted beyond repair


      Anyone on the Audition Team - need a clarification on it - ASAP

      Whatever it actually is - definitely not ready for primetime

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          Ron_Day Adobe Employee

          I'd like to hear more about this one actually as we have not been able to reproduce this one here.

          Sorry to hear this caused such a problem for you though!


          The Adobe Graphics Manager is essentially an option that *could* improve performance in some areas of the application that update frequently like Frequency Analysis, Smooth Scrolling, Meters, Video, etc. We keep it off by default as most people will never need it, but it could help performance for those who want to give it a try.


          This improvement may depend on your system and video card in particular, but should definitly not cause the problem you mention here.


          Can you give us more details about your video card (make, model and driver version)?

          Is this something you can consistantly reproduce or was it a 1 time thing?


          Has anyone else tried this (even after the warnings may have initially scared you away)?




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            digital.alchemy.studios Level 1

            Dual Nvidia GT 120's per Machine (we use a lot of OPENCL here, Standard Drivers inclusive to 10.6.4 with the issued update post 10.6.4


            Will be updating one of them to ATI 5780 on monday and will give results for that as soon as it's in - but I can honestly tell you


            checking it, with anything running/playback to be precise will cause a fatal lockup (and none of the systems here are underpowered if you've seen their specs)


            I won't even try to repro this one, unless you really really need a repro - in two and a half years I've only had to force power down a live system twice (this was the second time)

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              Scott Carver Level 1

              Adobe Graphics Manager is a new, improved drawing engine. It has the potential to greatly improve drawing performance (and, so, the performance of the app in general). It's most definitely beta, so it needs feedback as much as anything else in the application.


              Your result sounds disasterous, so we should get to the bottom of it -

              First, when you check the AGM box, nothing is actually turned on until you restart the application. Did your disaster happen some time after you restarted the app?


              Second, and most importantly, what were you doing at the time you saw the hang - very specifically (i.e. I performed A, B, and C), so we can try to reproduce it over here.


              Finally, could you post system specs (sorry if you've done this in other threads already)? Especially video card info! If you need it, Apple Menu -> About This Mac -> More Info... will show more. And - any other applications or extensions you were running at the time?


              For other users - in our in-house testing, we haven't seen any problems of this severity with AGM. In our testing, AGM generally sped many graphics operations up significantly, and was bit slower on a few. Bugs tended to be refresh or drawing issues. We decided to leave this as an option for people who were experiencing slow UI performance (as it could provide significant gains), or folks who wanted to live on the edge. This is a beta release, so issues are to be expected - we hope folks will test AGM anyway (if they're up for it), since it has the potential to improve the application a lot - but it needs to be vetted, which requires people to use it and report problems. As always, be careful, save your work, etc etc. (And, for those wondering, this beta has pretty wicked crash recovery, for both wave assets and mt session, so you should be protected regardless).



              Thanks much

              Scott C

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                digital.alchemy.studios Level 1

                Step by step


                File opened, one session opened, playback was enabled and running > opened prefs > Adjusted Brightness>ticked AGM on> closed prefs

                Session playback did not stop but entire UI (A4/Dock/Finder) entirely unresponsive> Playback ended> meters frozen at last Peak>UI still locked

                Command keys unresponsive>Force Power Down.


                There was no option to restart and effect was apparently immediate.

                I am going to check system logs shortly and see if there was anything useful in there - though I am not sure there will be because of the feeze and the fact there wasn't a proper shut down sequence.


                Here's the Internal specs from system profiler




                Mac Pro 2008 3.1 Model (2) Mac Pro 2010 5.1 (1)

                32 GB memory Per machine

                4 1TB Hard Drive Arrays per machine - Non Raid

                External Drives Offline to null possible contention/throughput idiosyncracies with input output

                Black Magic Video Ingest systems PCI-E Based Internal - Online and active to test against PCI-E Bus Contention

                Dual Nvidia GT 120's on each system with Dual LED CINEMA DISPLAYS (24" Models) for each

                Bluetooth/EDR Equipped/Airport Equipped and active

                All usb and Firewire external devices removed for baseline testing purposes

                16 GB Ramdisks active for File/project Storage (immediate access and memory to memory throughput to null latency idiosyncracies for testing)


                Testing A4 currently with onboard audio susbsystem for baseline (and to null 3rd party model indiosyncracies)


                Scott, I'm sure A4 has wicked crash recovery, but still, forced power downs like that aren't good for disks etc and A4's crash recovery doesn't help with that sort of thing - wear and tear wise and a warning should come with that - considering it can potentially lock even terminal escape options. I'll give it another go and fair hearing (I like to live a a little dangerously but anything that can lock up a unix based system like that - scares me just a little more than a little.

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                  digital.alchemy.studios Level 1


                  We're going to be updating to radeon 5870's today and testing again with the GT 120's and the 5870's - I did test again last night with the GT 120's using the same steps

                  same result


                  There is definitely a problem in there. The curious thing for me - is this using an undocumented  opencl/gl driver call/extension?