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    Update hierarchical data provider in advanced data grid during drag and drop

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      I am trying to drag and drop hierarchical data in the same advanced data grid, and I would like the data provider to updated when the ADG is updated. (I want to be able to save and load this tree, so it is important that drags and drops are saved.)


      I have a sample application (with view source enabled) posted here: www.crcarlson.com/adg/AdvancedDataGridDragAndDrop.swf


      The sample app has an ADG showing hierarchical data as well as flat data. The first column of each datagrid shows the rowindex of the underlying data.


      If you rearrange the items on the left ADG, the row indexes become unordered. If you click traceTree you see that the data provider is not in order.

      On the other hand if you do the same on the right, the row numbers stay ordered even when the objects move around and if you click traceFlat, the data provider is in the order shown on ADG


      My goal is to have the data provider order match the ADG order for the left grid which is displaying hierarchical data.


      I would appreciate any advice on this, including "you can't get there from here, do it this way."


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