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    Stopping progressive flv

      I am using the FLVPlayback component in Flash 8. The scenario is simple, I have a menu which loads and plays progressive flv files i,e. http://

      My problem is that if a new selection is made from the menu I cannot seem to stop the first from downloading. I have seen many different suggested solutions one of them was to set the activeVideoPlayerIndex = 1 so that it can be closed using closeVideoPlayer(1); as the default player 0 cannot be closed. This does not work.

      I am using the fiddler debugger and the file just seems to keep on downloading. I would really appreciate some help with this one.


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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Check this:

          Like I said there I haven't tried it with FLVPlayback... but seems like you both want to do something similar - so perhaps you can let us all know if attempting to play or to set contentPath to a non-existent works (as it appears to do with the underlying NetStream)
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            Flyer2005 Level 1
            I managed to halt a progressive download using the FLVPlayback by setting the contentPath to a dummy.flv file which was about 1kb. I also mentioned that I believed that the solution using activeVideoPlayerIndex did not work, this may have worked had I not been running fiddler at the same time.

            What I have discovered is this, if you use a http debugging proxy, in my case fiddler. Once the download has started, it continues to download even if I set the contentPath to something else. If I trace out my bytesLoaded from the progress event of the FLVPlayback instance when fiddler is turned off, flash does report that only one file is downloading, in this case the dummy.flv which is instant, the previous flv is no longer downloading.

            I hope this helps anyone else in the future.