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    working premiere on mac (canon d7 full hd shot)


      I have one question.If i have canon 7d and shoot with thta full hd ,can i use premiere  and editing ,making effects and other stuff on imac 24 inch 3,06,4gbram ,nvidia geforce 8800 gs card.Could be there any problems because that is canon 7 d camera and etc.I don t know how to express myself cause i don t know very good english but i think that you understand me.Thank you .

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          JaysonM-Y Level 3

          You're most likely going to have frame skipping, slow playback, slow render, slow..... everything... It can be done just slowly. Also what version of premier are you running?

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            magistar1507 Level 1

            Thank you for helping me,but i will tell you now why i have asked that .One man want s to buy ma imac and he told me that i go download trial adobe premiere  and to download three movies from vimeo which is shooten with canon 7 d and that i should import them in premiere in 3 tracks and fill up with effects and if that works he will buy it from me.I asked him is he working in premiere and he told me that he doesn t ,but he will.Now he has a windows and pc.I downloaded this premiere  pro cs5 for 30 days trial.Idon t know egzactly version.He has that canon not me ,i don t know anything about video or monting or anything.

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              JaysonM-Y Level 3

              He's leading you around in circles.

              The trial of Premier Pro has limitations to certain formats and codecs so check what those are before you try importing things at your leisure.

              You can download hd files from vimeo but not the format that the Cannon shoots in which is AVC / H.264. You will only be able to download MP4 versions of the video files.

              If i recall properly your 8800 has no cuda cores and thus Hardware acceleration with Mercury Playback(one of the main points for using CS5) will not be available.

              Adding 3 layers of MP4(at vimeo's compression) and then massive amounts of effects with/without the use of MPE would most likely cause frame skipping in an unrendered timeline In all but the top of the line systems.


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