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    clip effect


      I just upgraded from premiere elements 4 to elements 9, and found a change in the clip effect.   I used to use it to create a border around my photo, but now it creates a border that fills the width of the window but doesn't surround the photo the way it did in elements 4.  Does anyone know a fix for this?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you at least tell us which effect you're talking about?


          We really do need some details in order to be able to help you, eveln.

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            eveln Level 1

            The effect is just called "clip".  In pe 4, it surround the exact frame of the photo.  In pe 9, it takes the shape of the window. Here are 2 samples from each

            version:  I prefer the one from pe4 as I used it often to frame pictures.


            This one is from pe9



            The one below is from pe4clip from pe9.JPG


            clip from pe4.JPG

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The Clip effect crops the sides of your video frame and replaces them with whatever color you designate, as in your first example. The actual video frame size doesn't change --- your video is just cropped in.


              If your video or photo is smaller than the frame, you'll get what you show as your second example.


              You didn't open a version 4 project with version 9, did you? That's a no-no, as it's been known to cause strange behavior.

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                eveln Level 1

                No, I started a new project in version 9.


                The only way to mimic the way it worked in version 4, is to use the clip effect, and the crop effect on top of that, but that's an extra step to take.  I guess if I have no choice, that's the way I'll do it, but I liked the way it worked in pe4.  I used it all the time.


                Thank you.