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    Video Editing Desktop Sugestions




      10 months ago a got Adobe CS4 Production because I got interested in learning After Effects and Premiere Pro, I have an Asus Desktop with and Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, 8.00 GB of Ram, 1TB HD, and Windows 7 home Premium.

      I been making 5-10 min videos for youtube but am in the process of working with my church on a short film about 30-40 min long, I have a Canon HF S100 that records great video and I been thinking of getting a new computer to be able to render longer video files and After effects w/o problems.

      In the next 6 months am planing to upgrade my Video Camera and to get CS5 Master Collection and I want to 1st get a more powerfull PC because am starting to get a lot of request for future projects and am even thinking of starting my own business next year and I would like some help making some decistions on the type of hardware I should get because I dont know much about computer when it comes to Video Editing. Any help would be apreciated.


      -My 1st questions is if I should just just buy a New PC or Build my own?I would like to spend around 2k to begin with and be able to upgrade it in near the future.

      -For a new PC what is a good one to start with?

      -If build what would you recomend for parts?(I already have Windows 7 Pro) I only build a basic PC is the past and it seem very easy but I dont know how hard it would be to build one specific for Video Editing.

      - I my last question is on my current PC I would like to know if there is any recommendation for upgrades to it? and if there is an specifict way to manage the files or set it up to make it faster at redering.


      Sorry I have so many question I hope you guys can help me. Thanks!