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    Missing Right Click to drag and highlight


      Running 10.6.4

      Mac Pro


      I'm a longtime user of Cool Edit Pro and then Adobe Audition for Windows. I'm thrilled that Adobe Audition for Mac Beta has finally been released. In putting it through a test of editing a track i'm finding that the Right Click to highlight seems cumbersome. With an Apple Mouse right click has always been a problem so like many I switched to a microsoft mouse and even utilize the Apple Magic trackpad. Testing with the Microsoft mouse I noticed that when right clicking, instead of being ready to perform the drag to highlight a portion of the track, it brings up a drop down of menu choices. You then have to revert to holding down the shift key on the keyboard. Two hands instead of one action.

      Is there an adjustment I should make in the settings? This action makes for better workflow and speed when editing.

      Any comments?