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    Problem Loading Existing Session's Effects/EQ


      I have converted my existing sessions from au3 .ses files to au3 .xml files. When I opened these sessions in Audition 4, I noticed that none of the effects or EQ settings I had assigned each track in the multitrack view had transfered over. Each track is dry and uneq'd. I think that converting the sessions to xml is enough a hassel as is, but to then go through and have to add EQ and Effects again is way too much hassel for an upgrade of the same program. As someone who has been using this software since It was still Cool Edit Pro, I feel that it is essential that this program be compatible with is previous versions. If this is something that will not be addressed, there is no reason I shouldn't just export each track as a wave and rebuild the session in Logic (or any other Mac program for that matter). Audition 4 NEEDS to be more compatible with its previous versions. Otherwise their is not enough incentive for the old Audition users who have converted to Mac to stick with Audition when progams such as Logic and Protools already exist for the Mac. Thank you for your time.