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    DW CS3 boots me when edit images in FW CS3!!

      Hi, please, anybody can help me with this trouble?.

      When I installed a trial version (before purchase the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium) I had by first time this issue, so I thought maybe was due to that version, but now with original one I still have the problem.
      When I click an image available in Dreamweaver, inside a DIV or Table, and goes to open Fireworks, after I made the desired change and submit the button "DONE", dreamweaver boots me, I've submitted about 5 error messages to Adobe Support Center, but no answer and still I'm losing a lot of works because the problem. Then I must delete the image from the local directory and replace it with a new file and name, or sometimes I have to restart my Mac, otherwise each time I reopen the software it closes, that's over and over.

      So, this really sucks! Any solution? Idea? I am not happy with this, since these softwares are really expensive!!!

      Thanks Community!