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    premiere pro mac vs pc

    getho Level 1

      Thinking of jumping to OSX. ANyone edited avchd footage on both platforms?  (I will not get into transcoding )

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          PR on MAC is a bit limited in the number of transitions and effects in comparison to Windows. There are a number of threads that show the missing ones. Do a search here.


          For the rest these are the main differences:


          1. MAC's are much more expensive

          2. MAC's are very limited in hardware choices such as video cards and raid controllers

          3. MAC's do not perform nearly as well as Windows machines

          4. Only 5% have MAC's, more than 90% have Windows, so support for MAC's from a forum is more limited

          5. MAC's are very limited in the software tools available for tuning etc.


          and numerous other factors.


          Since AVCHD is very taxing on the computer, a lot of PC's have problems with editing that material due to lack of muscle, and the fact that similarly equipped MAC's are around 50% slower but at a much higher price than PC's, you can draw your own conclusions.

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            getho Level 1

            my experieince with macs and editing is very old - 10 years ago in fact using avid and media100.  I have to say that both experieinces were better than I've found PP on the PC.  Maybe I've got issues with my setup, I dont know: I find premire pro slow and buggy, even though I've got a highly specced PC with good benchmarks.  Win7 has been a massive dissapointment.

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              [irrelevant posts deleted]

              Thanks to Jim and Jayson for playing along anyway.


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                Bob Ramage Level 1

                I work with HD DSLR footage on two Macs (2008 Mac Pro and 2010 Macbook Pro), which is even more taxing on the system than dedicated AVCHD camcorders. No problem with editing, and PPro CS5 works great in OS X.

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                  hmcindie Level 1

                  I use CS5 at work alongside FCP on the OS X. The greatest plus is the ability to use the prores codec but it only works if you have final cut studio installed.


                  At home I use CS5 on Windows 7. Bootup disk is an SSD and I get great performance. I would much rather use my homepc than the macpro I have at work though I do have a pretty powerful machine.