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    Composition Duplicate


      Hi all,


      I am working on a small simple animation movie, a small presentation material of 30 to 50 seconds. I have a composotion which contain other precomps with different animation sequences for product I am presenting. Now, I have four products and I need to duplicate the same setting for the rest three products I still have. If I use Duplicate command I do get a duplicate, but if I change anything in it, it makes changes in the original as well.

      What do I need to do to duplicate what ever I did and just change the images I've used, but keep the keyframes with settings, effects, transformation and so on?



      Thanks alot,


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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          You need to duplicate the precomps too. Then, in your master composition, use replace footage on your nested precomps. You'll need as many duplicates as you want different versions.


          Master Comp A > Precomp 01a, Precomp 02a, Precomp 03a


          Master Comp B > Precomp 01b, Precomp 02b, Precomp 03b


          Master Comp C > Precomp 01c, Precomp 02c, Precomp 03c


          Master Comp D > Precomp 01d, Precomp 02d, Precomp 03d

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            FinnishMetal Level 1

            For soem reason it didn't work properly. I will just presume I have not begin the project form the begining properly. Any way, i;ve managed to duplicate comps and precomps, then I had to manualy copy/paste the efects for each layer. The Replace Footage command was disabled.


            Thanks alot man,