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    Extract multiple pages from PDF - Javascript.




      Relatively new to javascript in acrobat but have managed use a slightly modified script (below) from  this website to run a batch script in acrobat professional to extract all pages in a multi page PDF. The only problem i have is that, as with javascript, page 1 in infact numbered as page 0. Is there a way to modify this script to extract the pages starting the numbering as page 1? I know this is probably a fairly basic solution but any help would be greatly appericated.


      Thanks in advance!


      /* Extract Pages to Folder */


          // A regular expression to acquire the base name of the file.


          var re = /.*\/|\.pdf$/ig;


          var filename = this.path.replace(re,"");







              for ( var i = 0;  i < this.numPages; i++ )




                  nStart: 0,