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    Radio Stream Player without mermory leaks

    daslicht Level 2


      I am currently building a Radio Player thus i am confronted with memory leaks.

      At the moment I simply use a Sound object for playback and Shoutcast Stream.


      Next thing on my 2Do list is to crossfade 2 Soundobjects after a while so that the used Memory can be freed.


      The most smartest way would be to play the steam using a bytearray so that it do not fill up Memory.

      Anyone know where I can find an example how to stream a ICY Stream(shoutcast or icecast) with AS3/Bytearray?


      While having access to the raw bytes we could also extract the ICY Metadata directly out of the stream.


      I am sure that some of you might find that useful as well.


      Any help is welcome.