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    Individual hyperlinks required in movie

    PaulBill Level 1



      I'll try and expalin this as simply as possible. I'm sure the answer is fairly simple but I'm struggling to make this work.


      I have a movie that consists of one image that scrolls across the screen. It all works beautifully. Although it's one image (jpeg) that has been saved as a movie clip, the single image is actually made up of a number of logos. What I want to do is to make each of those logos a separate hyperlink that will link to different external URLs. As the logos scroll across the screen, you can pick any one that happens to be showing at the time (the actual movie clip is larger than the stage) and then go to the relevant site.


      If I save the jpeg as a button, I can't then make it scroll across the screen in the same way and I don't want to break up the image into indivdual files, as it will then not scroll as a single unit with the Actionscript that I'm using.


      I'm guessing I need to use buttons in there somewhere and apply a HIT state to each indivudal logo, but I'm stuck.


      I'd be really grateful for any help.


      Many thanks in advance.