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    Flex 2 and .Net web form


      First, is there a way to integrate in my aspx web form my Flex2 component that i built with AdobeFlex Builder 2 ?
      Second, is there a way to programmatically add a Flex 2 component in a class that herits from a web control in .net ?
      I'm using Visual Studio 2005 to build .net web application.

      Thank's !
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Flex apps MUST run in a Flash Player ActiveX object instance.

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            Linus75 Level 1
            Thank's. But does the .net web application need something special to work well with an mx:HTTPService ?
            The flex application retrieve an xml file wrote by .net application and display the information in a SpringGraph.
            But when I integrate the .swf file of Flex in a <OBJECT> tag in the .net web form, the flex component appear in the web page but no graph is displayed. Like if the swf file cannot access the xml file. Any idea ?
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              ntsiii Level 3
              You are attempting to mix a client-side technology, Flex, with a server-side technology, asp.net. The Flash Player is not active /available when the asp.net code is processing, and the asp.net processing /data is not available on the client.

              Why are you attempting this? Have one page/url serve the html wrapper with the Flex app, and use HTTPService to communicate with the .net url for data./