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    Help scripting batch sequence




      Im new to adobe acrobat and to scripting in general so this will probably be a really easy question ( and hopefully answer)



      I have this script to batch stamp files



      /*Insert Stamp*/

      var annot = this.addAnnot({

      page: 0,

      type: "Stamp",

      name: "Stamp PL",

      rect : [550,700,455,700],

      contents: "Released",

      DP: "stamp" });




      However when I try to run it again'st a User defined space ( landscape) vs. ( Default space) the stamp comes vertically ( because it follows DUS)


      I do not know how to script it so that the stamp follows user defined space ( so that it rotates-not 3d, just a stamp horizontally on the page)


      Also if anyone could explain how the location page works, in terms of what does the numbers inside rect ;[] mean. I have just playes until I got it where I need to but If I could get a proper definition. Thanks


      Hope anyone can help.