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    Dual nVidia Cards - Triple Monitors


      I searched and couldn't find a clear answer, so...


      I'm a recent Matrox refugee, and looking to get my workflow straight. Have been using three matching 24" lcd's - two for my desktop/apps, and the third as a dedicated video out from the RtX2 hardware.


      I love the dedicated video display.


      So - have ordered new gtx470 to get an approved card in the box, and still have a gtx260 left over.


      I'd like to keep both cards so I can have the 3rd display.



      -Will this likely cause me stability problems?

      -Could I do the cuda 'hack' and get 'cuda power' from both cards?

      -What's the best way for a fullscreen HD preview on my 3rd LCD if this doesn't work?


      Thanks in advance!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1 - I don't know


          2 - No... but I have read another message (don't have a link) that the later nVidia driver DOES allow you to have two cards installed (may have to be the same???) and you select one of them to be "primary" to use the CUDA cores


          3 - I don't know

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            1. Yes Adobe can have detection problems if one card is supported and 1 card is not. This is even with the cuda gpu setting set correctly in Nvidia control panel. If it happens, shut down Adobe and restart the system. Then try launching Adobe again. That often fixes the detection. Just make sure you set the 470GTX as the CUDA GPU in global settings in the Nvidia control panel.


            2. Adobe will not use more than 1 GPU.


            3. Depends whether you are asking in Premiere or AE. Premiere outputs full screen to a monitor off the video card without issue. AE does not and you have to move the preview panel over and expand. If you mostly use AE then you want to look at an i/o device. If you mainly use Premiere then a 2nd video card will be fine unless you require special features like 10bit color and so on. Win 7 handles multi-independant GPU's allot better than XP did so the setup is easy and without issue.




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              Erik -- I've got the nvidia geforce fx470 running two monitors for premiere cs5 on Win7/64 ... and just added a geforce 8400 to try to get that third output monitor magic going. Another post mentioned that the two graphics cards needed to be "similar" -- so I thought these two cards would fit that description.


              But I haven't been able to get to first base installing both cards at the same time. The computer just froze up and I couldn't through the basic driver installation.


              Do you have any suggestions? Have you heard anyone say they've got a second card that works well with the fx470?


              Thanks in advance for any ideas ...

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                Those 2 cards are to far apart in series and age. I would not try a 2nd card that is less than a 200 series card with the 470GTX. Ideal would be to buy another 470 card or atleast another 400 series card. BTW you don't need to install another driver with the 2nd Nvidia card. Windows will use the driver installed for the 470GTX to load the driver for the 2nd card.




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                  billmatthiesen Level 1

                  Thanks so much, Eric -- you've clarified what a "similar" card to the 470.


                  That 470 card really takes up 2 slots -- so I'll try to find something in the 400 series that's a little slimmer.


                  Thanks again for your help with this.