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    Session Files are no longer .ses but .sesx


      I was excited to see audition for mac and so i downloaded it yesterday and the first thing i attempted to do was load a session file from audition 3 to try it out using my Radio Production class project. I was disappointed to find that Audition no longer supports the .ses files. all of the previous versions have been able to open session files from their previous versions so why the change on this one.


      Is there a way to open .ses files that i am just not aware of???



      This is a real selling point for me because the radio station i work at uses Audition 1.5 where i do all my recording, the University uses Audition 2.0 where i make the basic layout of the session file, and i currently use Audition 3.0  to make the final mixes.  I would love to be able to buy Audition 4.0 for Mac and get rid of windows for good however i need to be able to work with the session files from the previous versions.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Audition 4 will import Audition 3 XML sessions.  When saving a session in Au3, you can select the legacy .ses format, or the .xml format.  While Audition 4 won't be compatible with older session formats natively, we are investigating options to solve this problem and will update when we have more information.

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            P.W. Fenton

            If AA3.0 can load a .ses file and then save to .xml then that code exists already, and Adobe owns it.  Why then would Adobe not include that ability in Audition for Mac.  What is the reason?  What is the logic behind deciding not to be backward compatible like every other version of this software?

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              I must express my frustration with not being able to run older SES files as well.  Over the course of 7 years, I have backed up all my SES masters to disc, and recently I have converted all of those discs to an external hard drive readable on my Mac.  In order for me to convert it to an XML file, it would mean that I would need to put it back on my PC, open it up, re-save it, and then put it back on the external drive.  (This is because, of course, Mac formated drives are not compatible with PC formated drives.)  This is a HUGE pain.


              I don't understand why Audition can't be like newer versions of Photoshop... where it allows you to open older files, but then re-save them in the current format.


              I really can't wait for this problem to be solved, because having switched to Mac for the last 2 years now, I would love to dig into some of my older masters, having switched to Logic Pro since then.  I miss working with Audition sometimes.

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                Exactly, adobe has never done this to Photoshop. It's like Photoshop CS5 will save new files in PSDx format and it can't read old 'PSD' file format.

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                  I work at a Radio station where people are using CoolEdit2000 (everyone else) or Audition 1.5 (me). Though there are plans for upgrading to Audition v4 for the PCs, money is an issue that is in the way of doing that immediately. For me to find Audition 4 for my MacBookPro useful, I need to be able to read and write .ses files. Lacking that, I'll have to stick with Audition 1.5 and XP running on a virtual machine for the time being.



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                    Have you found a way to "Save Associated Files" in AAU4 for MAC without saving over the originals?  I have been making copies of everything I need in a working folder so that I will not loose the Media to link the session to when I do save the session.

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                      holden driver Level 1

                      I'm of the same opinion of many here. I'd love to see the older .SES file format supported. At a minimum for opening the file. If someone is using newer features in a session, it should just warn and say "Hey, you can't save this file format with X feature in use", or maybe it just warns and strips out those features...

                      Either way, I'd love to be able to open older sessions on the mac.


                      If this doesn't go ahead, what about a standalone app that can convert 'all found' session files and thus save a new version of the session in the same location (and referencing the same files) in the same directory?

                      That could potentially prevent the issue too...


                      Althought it's a third party tool, this could also be another solution too. I haven't used it, but it looks very promising (even though it's for windows).



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                        SuiteSpot Level 4

                        FWIW seing as we have just added to AATranslator the ability to import PT 7, 8 & 9 sessions as well as export to either an embedded or reference omf I can tell you that we will certainly support the SESX format in our standard version once we are sure that the beta format has been finalised.


                        And yes it is a PC app but it does run fine under Wine, Parallels, etc


                        Edit: Spoke to the rest of my guys and we have decided that if the release version of AA4 doesn't provide for importing an SES file then we will build a tool which will do a bulk SES to SESX conversion and make it donationware like our other Audition utilities.

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                          ianroegels, just an FYI (and I'm putting in the forum in case others are unaware), just know that there is a program called MacDrive that allows you to use Mac formatted drives on Windows machines.  If you do much back and forth between OS's, you might want to look into it.

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                            Has any headway been made on this?  I was so excited to see that it was available for Mac and then I stumbled on this forum, thank goodness.

                            All of my work is in windows in .ses files.  If it can't open older files and get them converted in here...what's the point?  To start over on Mac?  Forget it...i'd rather stay locked into the windows side 100% as bad as that sounds.