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    openWithDefaultApplication in flex sdk and ReferenceError: Error #1069:

    Swapnil Bhiker

      I  am trying to use openWithDefaultApplication to open the files in default application for the desktop application developed using AIR.


      Development environment is as follows

      - Flex builder 3.0 eclipse plugin .

      - Flex SDK version is

      - AIR 2.0 sdk, I have used instruction specified at  http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/air/2/releasenotes_developers.html#h, to overlay AIR2.0 sdk  with Flex SDK.


      I get the following error when openWithDefaultApplication is executed


      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property openWithDefaultApplication not found on flash.filesystem.File and there is no default value.
          at air_openwithdefaultapp/onFileSelect()[D:\www\flexprojects\air_openwithdefaultapp\src\air_ openwithdefaultapp.mxml:28]


      I tried to trace/alert the flex and air runtime verions and I get following  details, for Flex SDK and for AIR.


      The same code works fine when I use the Flash Builder4 with Flex 3.5 sdk.


      Any idea what is going wrong here?