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    Nested Sequence Duration Ripple




      I have quite alot of footage to edit, and was hoping to clean-up and make the edits less confusing by breaking the project down into lots of nested sequences.


      However as default the if the source sequence is edited and the source sequence duration shifts, this new duration is does not ripple down to the nested sequence 'clip'.


      I was really hoping to have a global sequence of all the project scenes (as nested sequences) and then be able to dip into and edit each scene individually.


      So is there any way to configure the sequence, of nested sequences. to ripple to source sequence duration changes ?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          No; once you create a nest, it occupies the same duration in the final sequence as when it was first created. Effectively, you're creating a clip, comprised of other clips, and therefore the duration is derived from that composition of clips. If the nest rippled as you added or removed clips to it, you could have some deleterious effects on your final sequence; stuff would get shoved around that you might not want moved.


          In your final sequence, if the composition of clips in a nest is now shorter than it was when it was originally established, you'll see hash marks/diagonal lines appear on the nested sequence: this indicates non-existent material. Premiere will just display "nothing" at these points, so there's nothing really to worry about. Just hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key and trim the end past the hash marks, and then back; you'll ripple edit the nested sequence, and the edits will remain adjacent to one another. You can do this as you go along, or wait until you've finished all of your scenes, whichever means less work, I guess

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            joneisele Level 1

            Beginner / consumer here ... glad I ran across this post.  I have been working the same way with a nearly two hour movie - broke it up into about a dozen sequences for various reasons and then noticed the same thing with the non-existent space diagnoal lines.   I did not understand that last comment from Colin about selecting just the dead space.  How do you do so precisely?  


            If you make a (source) sequence longer that is nested does the master sequence stretch out?


            Related, but what is the best way to handle simple crossfade transitions between the source sequences in this case?  Would one end and begin each source sequence with a crossfade so that when placed together on a master sequence it looks ok?   If so then I suppose a crude workaround is to recreate the master sequence any time the source sequences change by selecting them all and dragging to a new sequence. 

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Nested sequences do not change duration on their own.  If the original becomes shorter or longer, you will have to manually adjust the nest.


              Adding a transition with nested sequences is no different than adding them with any other clip.

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                joneisele Level 1

                Got it.  Is there a better way to handle the scenario where you have lots and lots of footage and working one really long sequence is troublesome for various reasons?


                Do you think a nested sequence ripple type option or setting is a reasonable enhancement request?


                For now my workaround will be to consider the master sequence almost like a temporary sequence that should be re-created any time I want to export.  

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                  John Schmidt Level 1

                  Thanks for the help. But this is a major problem in CC. Having to go into the final sequence and trim all of your nested sequences to match is NOT a viable option. In Final Cut Pro, nested sequences automatically ripple/adjust to reflect those changes. I certainly hope Adobe fixes this soon.


                  If anyone has a solution, let us know!

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                    WebOfWebs Level 1

                    Thanks for clearing that up.

                    I fell for this again! after using other software for a year.

                    I cant believe Adobe still insists on doing it differently, and NOT spelling it out that expected behaviour is again not going to happen.


                    I have to zoom in lots and manually check the ends of all the nested sequences. Its annoying to say the least.


                    Thanks again dude