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    VHS Capture. ADVC300 (+old VHS player) captures hours and hours and hours......




      Totally new to this capture business. Looked long and hard online to find what I wanted so have the capture device (ADVC300) software Prem Pro and what do I get?!?!?

      Hours upon hours of blank empty space at the end of my capture.

      All I want to do is time limit it.

      Hit the 'tape' capture button and go to bed.

      Wake up in morning find its just recorded 8+ hours of nothing as it has not stopped as the VHS has.

      What am I missing?!?!?! there must be a simple function I am blind too, have searched forums (google came up with something from 2003) otherwise nada.

      Same goes for adobe help doc.


      I know I am new to this but I am not dumb, or am I?


      PS Thanks in advance.

      Reason for ADVC300 was to 'archive' my old VHS (which legally I can do as long as I retain the original tapes, which I am) ADVC I was assured would capture my 'possibly' macro'd tapes.