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    (PDF) Should line art require so much disk space?

    jyeager11 Level 1



      When I save Photoshop files to PDF for easy transport to the printers, and I make sure all the text remains vector (not rasterized), the document becomes unnecessarily bloated.


      (NOTE: When I say vector, I don't mean including the fonts. I mean tracing the text shapes and keeping it all as uneditable line art.)


      This is a surprise to me, because we're talking about vector/line, here. Not pixels. Why does a page full of line-art text require so much disk space? Am I doing something wrong?


      There's a text document I'd like to save and place online, and I couldn't imagine it requiring more than 500k - 900k... but as long as I keep the text vector, I can't get it under 3-4 megs.


      I just need confirmation that this is normal, and something I have to live with if I want to keep the text un-rasterized.