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    Stupid me! Font not recognized.

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I know, I know, I'm just an ignorant newbie with webdesign and I have probably messed up what I intended to do. Maybe someone can help me out.


      Dreamweaver CS4 shows this Live View of the heading of my page:


      11-11-2010 17-52-00.png


      That is - initially - how I would like it to show up. There are further enhancements I would like to do, but for this moment, let's concentrate on this issue.


      Now, when viewing this page from the website, where it is located for testing purposes, http://ppbm5.com/Poffertjes.html , it shows up like this:


      11-Nov-10 17-39-09.png

      This happens with Chrome, Firefox and IE on every computer that does not have the font installed that is used in the DW screenshot. The font is ChopinScript btw. If the font is installed on the computer, all browsers have no problem in displaying this correctly.


      So the question is: What do I need to modify or do so that the second line of text shows up in an intended script font (old-fashioned one) on all systems? Change the font to something else, make other changes?


      For my next question, I'll make a separate thread, but I hope someone can tell me where I messed up big-time on this issue.