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    SWFObject and SWFAddress help

    Eileen Kelly Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I am hoping to build a full flash website for the company I work with,  but SEO is a factor they are very concerned with and would only go ahead  with the project if the content could be made searchable.

      Obviously SWFObject and SWFAddress can help with SEO but I just have a  few questions that I cant seem to find answers to anywhere else...

      • Is it possible to change the alternative content for SWFObject  dynamically to match the text displayed on each flash page? The site  will be animated so placing text on top of the swf file isn't an option.

      • I read you can use SWFAddress to dynamically alter the <title>  tag while naviagating through your flash site. This sounds great but  can search engines index this?


      I would really appreciate any help at all.



      Many Thanks