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    Saving Dyanamically Linked Projects

    John Ratard Level 1

      Hi Fellows,


      MY HISTORY: I made the jump from Adobe Video Collection on a P3 PC to, last year, CS4 Production Premium and now to CS5 on an i7 Quad with 4 1GB drives.  What a hugh difference and an enormous learning curve.  My problem with a Project slowing down on the i7 with CS4 after approx 5 rapid sequential operations appears to be solved with CS5.  I imagine this was partly due to a synchronous problem as a result of switching and routing bit streams using 32 bit software on a 64 bit PC in addition to what may be a slower memory or drive component.   I find that the tutorials are excellent.


      My ROBLEM: I have looked but have so far been unable to find information on how to correctly save a dynamically linked Project and open all the linked programs correctly so all the updates are saved.  I found reference to a bug in CS4 and an excellent tutorial on how to save time by not having to render all imported Projects into P.Pro CS5.  Again, I wonder how I should save say 2 Projects from AE and Encore into P.Pro using these timer saving operations with the ability to recover where I left off.  If my question has already been answered, please point me in the right direction.


      QUESTION: How do I correctly save, open, and recover 3 dymanically linked Projects e.g. P.Pro, AE, and Encore in CS5?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          There is only one way to save, with or without Dynamic Linking involved.


          You initiate the Save command, either with a keyboard shortcut or through the menu.  There's no trick to it, nothing special because there may be DL elements in the project.  Any changes made to the base project will just show up automatically in the DL'd project.


          Opening those projects is also accomplished in the normal fashion, nothing is different about it.