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    Live Photoshop 3D jagged edges issue - super frustraing


      Hi all -


      I've tried looking everywhere for the answer to a problem I've been having the past few days with 3D in After Effects CS5.


      Basically, I'm beginning to work on an animation and I want to do some very basic 3D. I created a few models of cubes using Photoshop CS5's 3D capibilities. I made sure I used the Ray Traced Final quality setting before saving it and importing it into After Effects. Now, in Photoshop my models looked great but once I brought them into After effects, they all have weird jagged edges on every side of the shapes. I did a ton of googleing and played with everything from display settings to adding different effects.


      I finally narrowed down the problem to the "Live Photoshop 3D" effect automatically attatched to the layer containing the artwork in the 3D composition (the one that contains the controller, camera, etc). When this Live Photoshop 3D effect is enabled, my model has all the jagged edges and is basically unusable. However, once I uncheck this effect to turn it off - my model looks perfect again like it did in Photoshop. At least this means the issue is in AE and not PS.


      To double check I created a few models in Blender, exported them as .obj and converted them to .psd files eventually bringing them into AE. Same problem - with the Live Photoshop 3D effect enabled they look awful, without it they look great.


      What's even more frustrating is I don't have the problem in AE CS4. I can have Live Photoshop 3D enabled and manibulate my object without any weird edges. I finally upgraded to CS5 and don't want to use an old version because of this issue.


      I'm using After Effects on Mac OSX 10.6.3. My mac has a 2.93 ghz processor and 8gb of RAM with 2 NVIDIA graphics cards (9400M and 9600M).


      Thanks for your help!