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    forms creation flash8

      I have been having problem creating from in flash8. what i have done is:

      1.created fields and named them in var field which are inside a movieclip named form.
      2.in the submit button have given the following code:
      on (release) {

      then have used a php file which has the following code:


      $sendTo = "a@b.com";
      $subject = "reply";

      $headers = "From: " . $_POST["firstName"] ." ". $_POST["lastname"] . "<" . $_POST["email"] .">\r\n";

      $headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["email"] . "\r\n";

      $headers .= "Return-path: " . $_POST["email"];

      $message = $_POST["message"];

      mail($sendTo, $subject, $message, $headers);


      Now my problem is i have to add 1 more filed to the form.. plus make the form say thankyou or somethng.. once the submit button is pressed.. this is not happening as of now and i am not getting the mail at all if i add another field.

      ps: i am using the form in a flash site and not as a file alone.

      please help!