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    Poor quality still images in SD 4:3 video PProCS5

    GreenRazor Level 1



      I'm creating a video that was shot with a Canon GL2 (SD 4:3) and mixing that footage with a number of crisp JPEG images. When I drag the images into the timeline of the video, they become pixelated and very poor quality. However the images are very nice quality and when I drag them into the "New Item" icon they open in a new sequence timeline and look great...when I drag my video into THAT sequence then the video quality suffers dramatically.


      I'm using CS5

      Still Image resolution: 42888X2848

      Video Resoultion: 720X480 (0.9091)


      What's the best way to ensure that BOTH video and still are rendered in the highest quality on the saem sequence timeline?


      Thanks for your help.