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    OSMF VPAID Issue

    Matthew Hardnack


      I am  currently working on the current iteration of the OSMF framework. I am attempting to create a player that accepts  both VAST(1.0 & 2.0), VPAID and companion ads. I am experiencing a few issues with VPAID.

      --ISSUE BELOW--
      Currently the player supports VAST Ads and streaming (minus click tracking and going to a landing page for vast 1.0  ads). However, VPAID does not display in the player, I've verified that  the player is calling for ad.swf in Firebug. The player in return is  not displaying the VPAID ad. I assume what is happening is that there is  some error when triggering VPAID in the player, that or the player is  just simply not calling the VPAID events to display the ad.

      Right now the flow of the player is Player > MAST > VAST >  VPAID > AD, I've attempted bypassing all of that and just directing  VPAID straight to the ad. Which worked, but only for the example URL  that was given in VPAIDAdSequencingUnitTest.as, that being this url:

      http://cdn1.eyewonder.com/200125/instream/documentation_test_tags/vpaid/as3/VPAID_2_0.swf? adLoaderWidth=320&adLoaderHeight=240&cp=http://cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/754851/1262098/&lo aderCreative=Linear_Interactive_Holder_as3.swf%3Fcp%3Dhttp%3A//cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/75 4851/1262098/%26ewbase%3Dhttp%3A//cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/754851/1262098/%26adLoaderWidth %3D300%26adLoaderHeight%3D225%26hAlign%3Dcenter%26vAlign%3Dmiddle%26keywordNames%3Dinstrea m_VAST_2_0_TEST%26keywordIDs%3D%5B103%5D%26ewbust%3D%5Btimestamp%5D&adInstreamType=fixedro ll&adTagAlignHorizontal=center&adTagAlignVertical=middle&adMode=prog&qaReportUUID=common

      This URL loads a loader.swf that appears to interrupt VPAID and then  loads the ad inside of it. This was made by eyewonder and I do not have  access to this.

      Is there not full support for VPAID inside the  current framework, or am I implementing it wrong or missing something?  I've been working with this for about a week now and have tight deadline  and would love to have some light shed on this problem! I am willing to  package up the source code and sent it to whom ever. Also if it would  be easier to direct me to a working example of a simple VAST/VPAID  player that I don't know about, that would be just as suitable!

      Thank you everyone for your time,

      Matthew Hardnack

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          Matthew Hardnack Level 1

          I got in contact with someone from Adobe directly and will be directed to the developer at EyeWonder, who made the VPAID loader.swf. So that I may get the libraries for the loader. I will also mention the lack of the main library for this loader, so that others might be able to use VPAID in OSMF as well.


          Thank you everyone for your time.

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            turbidity Level 1

            Matthew, did this ever get resolved for you? I have dealt with the difficulties in the VAST support in the past, and I'm now looking at tackling VPAID in a new project. I'm trying to estimate how much trouble I'm about to get into.