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    SWF File Not Unloaded when loaded from sandbox application


      The scenario is the following:


      1.  Bootstrap loads main loader application as a child of boostrap.

      2.  Main application loads another application (lets call it SandboxApp ) into sandbox as a child of bootstrap as follows.


      loaderContext.applicationDomain = new ApplicationDomain(bootStrapDomain);


      3.  SandboxApp has a toolbox button.  When toolbox button is clicked SandboxApp   loads a new application as a child of bootstrap as follows (lets call this app SandboxToolBoxApp):


      loaderContext.applicationDomain = new ApplicationDomain(bootStrapDomain);


      4.  When i unload the swf file for SandboxToolBoxApp the swf file is NEVER unloaded.  The unload occurs from within SandboxApp. 


      Using the same code and simply moving the toolbox to Main Application works.  In other words the SandboxToolBoxApp is unloaded.


      The code is exactly the same the only difference is the location of where the SandboxToolBoxApp is created. 


      I have a couple of questions:


      1.  Since the SandBoxToolBoxApp is created as a child of Bootstrap does the SandBoxApp have any reference to it?  Please note that SandBoxApp is unloaded but even when i see it unload the SandBoxToolBoxApp is never unloaded.

      2.  Any ideas on why SandboxToolBoxApp  is not unloaded.