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    Installing Light Room Trial

    geo_coy Community Member

      I downloaded a trial version of Light Room to test it out this week. Now I am back to using my Adobe Elements 8 and Elements can not find my printer.  No matter what I do it sends print jobs to my fax, it thinks I want to send a fax.

      This is the error message it gives befor it brings up the  screen to send a fax

      Whats up with thatFaxa Print.JPG107_PrintErrorMessage.JPG

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          saurabh288 Community Member

          It may be that the printer drivers have become corrupted. Try uninstalling and installing the printer again.

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            99jon CommunityMVP

            Click the Windows start button and go to the Control Panel. Select Hardwear > Printers

            Then check to see if your printer is listed and set it to be the default printer.

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              geo_coy Community Member

              Thanks for the suggestions guys, but if you take a look at Light Room Trial version there is a lot of stuff in there about printing, and it is set up so you can use Photoshop within Lightroom.  So Lightroom is manageing all of the activities.  It has a lot of accessories that created in greater detail than Photoshop but you can still use Photoshop benifits while never leaving Lightroom.  They forgot to mention that if you install Lightroom you loose the printer management in Photoshop.  This is my assessment, I could be wrong. But I am going to uninstall LightRoom only because it is not what I am looking for, I like Portrait photography.  Lightroom seems to be geared to landscaping and outdoors.  At least that is where most of the illustrations take you.  Its a nice product but not a good fit for me.