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    Custom Paper Printing not Working from Adobe Reader


      Hey all,


      Ok, so I have created a 3" x 6" custom PDF file. It is to be used to manually print onto 3x6 labels that we have, using a laser jet printer. The problem is I cannot get the file to print correctly on the label. I have created the same file in Microsoft Word and I can get that to work but I would really rather have it in PDF format.


      I am testing it on multiple printers but the main one I am using is an HP Laser Jet P2035n. So I pull down the tray for printing on non-standard sized paper and put in my label (exactly as I do when I am printing from Word) and then I try to print from Adobe Reader.


      At first I just told it to 'Shrink to Printable Area'. Often the software and the printer will communicate and work out what you are trying to do and it will come out perfect. This was not the case. So I tried all sorts of different options to try and get it to work. On most of these options I would get the text all printed the correct size and almost perfectly aligned but it was all just an inch to the right (or an inch to the left on another printer).


      I then clicked on 'Properties' in the Print window and went to the 'Paper/Quality' tab to set the paper size. I created a custom paper size of 3x6 and then went Okayed out. I have now told Adobe Reader that I want to print on 3x6 paper, Lanscape, out of Tray 1 (the pull down one). I click print and nothing gets printed. Literally, it prints the label but prints nothing on it.


      Any ideas what is going on and how I can fix this?