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    Flash Catalyst Photo Gallery


      Here's the link to the .fxp project I am currently working on.




      On the gallery page, I was able to create the 40 thumbnails necessary for my gallery but when I created a custom component for the full-sized images, there is a max of 20 different states so one for each photo. Because I have 40 total photos, I created a second custom component with the other 20 photos. My problem is that when I click on the link for image 21, which would be the first state in the second custom component, the first custom component stays on top rather than bringing the second component to the front. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem? I don't know if I was able to accurately describe my problem, so if you  need any clarification or can help me please reply.


      --Sawyer Ward

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi Sawyer,


          You cannot reorder components between states, but you can change their visibility. You can create two states, one with the first component visible and one with the second component visible, and then transition between them. An alternative is to add an action sequence that sets the alpha/opacity of the first photo component to zero when you want the second photo component to be visible. Do either of these sound like they'd work for you?



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            Artifaxx616 Level 1

            Yeah...that sounds like it may work. So how would I enable the first 20 thumbnails to allow the state with the first component to be visible and the state with the second component to be hidden and vice versa for the second 20 thumbnails?


            --Sawyer Ward

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Sawyer,


              I assume you are using On Click interactions on each of your thumbnails to show the appropriate image within the custom component?  If so, you can just add a second On Click interaction that shows the correct custom component and hides the other one (or transitions to the state where the correct component is visible, if you're doing it using states).


              You could add this to each of the thumbnails (it's perfectly allowed to do more than one thing On Click).  Or, to avoid having to do that 40 times, you could put each set of 20 thumbnails in a group and add an On Click to the group, since you want to do the same show/hide action regardless of which thumbnail within the set was clicked.  Both the group's On Click and the individual thumbnail's On Click will run simultaneously when the user clicks a thumbnail.


              Hope that helps!


              - Peter

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                Artifaxx616 Level 1

                Thanks Peter. I think I've done that, but I'm still having problems. I'm gonna upload my .fxp file that includes 20 pictures per grouping. I still can't get it to go between having the two groupings with having visibility on or off. Maybe if you looked at my file you could see my error.




                --Sawyer Ward