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    Incompatible display driver


      Downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 9. When I open it, I get this message:


      "We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a

      better and faster playback please update your display driver."


      The program then works extremely slow, too slow to be usable. I was able to import a clip and play it, but it only played audio and showed a still from my video.


      I believe my display driver is:

      Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chip Family


      It is listed twice under display adapters. When I tried to updated it, wizard said there was nothing to update.


      It's been suggested on this forum that I remove a file called, "BadDriver.txt." This file is nowhere to be found on my computer. Any advice on what I can try next? Can I get different display adaptor?


      My computer is a Toshiba Laptop.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That is not likely your display driver. The name Intel seems to indicate that it's your processor.


          You don't say what operating system you're using so I can't advise you how to find your graphics card's info, but it is most likely an nVidia or ATI card. For either, you'll want to go directly to the appropriate site and download the latest firmware pack.


          Then, assuming you're importing a format Premiere Elements can edit and you've got your project set up properly, you should be fine.


          Here's another thing to consider, from the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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            gontc Level 1

            Thank you, I will look into this... my operating system is WindowsXP

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Click on the Hardware tab and select Device Manager.


              Click on the + sign to open Display Adapters and your graphics card will be listed.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Definitely go back on check out that thread on the Premiere Elements 9 trial display problems. There were people there who initially could not find the BadDrivers.txt but later did with the aide of Vijay and others. And, remember in the trial version ONLY that there is an issue with the VideoRenderer.dll. That file needs to be replaced with the one provided by Adobe as download. See details in link below.


                It was interesting to note that, while I ran into these display issues in the try out, I have NEVER had any of these problems with the purchased Premiere Elements 9 (under same everything conditions).






                Please let us know the outcome.





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                  gontc Level 1

                  Thanks to both of you for your help.


                  I am still having trouble figuring out what and where my graphics card is. I went to my device manager..and clicked on the + by display adapters and all the was listed was:


                  Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chip Family

                  Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chip Family


                  I will go back over the posts, but I'm still stumped on what to try next.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Do not give up just yet.


                    Yes, that looks like your driver information that you found in My Computer and the Hardware/Device Control/Display Adapters section

                    Mobile Intel 945 GM Epxress Chipset Family


                    You should find the same information via Control Panel/Display and settings in the Display: spot for that information.


                    I am not the greatest person for giving you driver advice, but here goes some thing to start with. Please check out the following for a possible source of your driver updates.....


                    and especially



                    Things to work on with the Premiere Elements 9 trial version...

                    a. Make sure that you replace that VideoRenderer.dll as per the Adobe document on that matter

                    b. Try to obtain the latest driver information from Intel via the link above or a better one if someone can provide it. You may want to call Intel Support.

                    c. Read over the threads on the BadDrivers.txt deletion to review how others having problems finding it  finally did find it.

                    d. Be on the look out for comments that Vijay may enter here to help you.


                    We will be watching for your progress.  Remember, do not give up. Use Alan as your role model. He was in the same type of situation as you and all worked out for him.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      If you have an embedded Intel Graphics Chip, there might not be any newer/better drivers available. Intel makes good chips for many purposes, but has very poor driver support for their embedded graphics chips. The embedded Intel graphics chips are not a good choice of video editing.


                      Many users with these end up bypassing the embedded chip and adding a separate graphics card, like an nVidia. If one has a laptop with the Intel graphics chip, this will most likely not be an option.


                      Good luck,



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                        gontc Level 1

                        Thanks again to everyone for trying to help me with this. Unfortunately, I have a laptop. Should I try to download the nVidia and see what happens? I tried updating from the Intel site suggested and when I tried to use Premiere again after the update I got the same error message and under it this:



                        Display Driver Details: Intel-Intel 945GM 1.4.0 - Build


                        Is there an older version of Premiere I can get that will work with my crappy display driver.. or does another company make decent video editing software that works with my crappy display driver?


                        Thanks again for all your help.. wish I had nVidia and not this stupid Intel thing.





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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Have you given the BadDrivers.txt file search another try as per the results of others in the same situation that you are in? You are working with the trial version, right? If so, have you replaced that VideoRenderer.dll yet?


                          I was at a dead end with my NIVIA going the first choice route of updating the driver, when the BadDrivers.txt and VideoRenderer.dll got me passed the trial display pitfalls. Again, when I installed the purchased version of Premiere Elements 9, I did not have any of these display issues encountered in the trial version.

                          My computer system is exactly as before.


                          One of the things that drove me crazy with the trial version (before the fixes), a roll BACK of my NIVIDA display card driver got Premiere Elements 9 display working correctly but crashed earlier versions of the program that I had installed on the same computer. And, my updated current display drivers worked great with earlier versions of Premiere Elements, but not version 9.


                          I am not sure if I understood you correctly, but can you replace the Intel display card that you have with a NIVIDA type. The NIVIDA card drivers need a NIVIDA display card installed. Likewise, a Intel display card would need Intel drivers....until proven otherwise.


                          Please keep us updated on your progress and do not give up.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Do not try to install the nVidia drivers. They are specific to the nVidia chip sets, and if they would install (highly doubtful), they would not help.


                            Hope that ATR's suggestions help and good luck,



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                              gontc Level 1

                              When I tried to download the replacement videorenderer.dll I got this message.


                              LoadLibrary ("C/:Documents") failed - The specified module could not be found.


                              Still can't find the baddriver.txt.. don't know what else to do... How do I replace my Intel driver.. do I have to buy a new one to get a graphics card that works.. Thanks for trying to help..

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                With most laptops, one is stuck with the graphics chip on the MoBo, unfortunately. On a desktop machine, it's usually simply adding an nVidia, or ATI card, and then disabling the embedded graphics chip with either DIP switches, or software.


                                If HP does not have a newer driver, I'd check out Intel, but not hold my breath.


                                As for the baddriver.txt file, I've not gone looking for it (and do not have a newer PrE version), but I would assume that a Search of the system should show it up. I do not think that it would be flagged as a System, or Hidden file, but check your Folder Options, to make sure that those are visible to Search.


                                Good luck,



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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Let us back up a lot to your first post that started this thread.


                                  In that post you wrote that you got the Incompatiable Drivers Message, but seem to indicate that you were able to continue into the program. But, the problem then became no video/just audio. We all took it for granted that this was all part of the display syndrome. But before we do anything else, what was the source, format, and duration of that video that you imported that gave you audio but did not display video? If not sure, please check out the video's properties with the free utility named gspot.



                                  Once we rule that idea out, then could you post the link that you used for the VideoRenderer.dll download. I want to check it out to make sure that there is not a problem with the download site rather than your computer.


                                  Then I want you to try one more time...open Premiere Elements 9. When you get the Incompatible Driver Message, close the program and shutdown the computer. Restart the computer and look for the BadDrivres.txt as directed in the detailed thread on that by Vijay and others.


                                  I do not recall if this was asked before, but "Do you have any earlier version of Premiere Elements? At this time, are you able to playback video with computer programs such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime?



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                                    jeffgedgaud Level 1

                                    Hello, I may be able to help you some, I work with computrs and especially hardware all the time.


                                    It sounds like your laptop may not be able to handle the video processing that you are trying to do. Your laptop has an onboard graphics card called a chipset so there is no way to install a new one or any other kinds of solutions. If it is a driver incompatibility you may be in luck.


                                    Go here: 


                                    It is an Intel utility to check for updates for your laptop. If the utility does not have you update your graphics driver than it is the most current.There may be a lot for you to update so you may as well do some general updating if it needs to be done. I would create a restore point in System Properties/Startup and Recovery before you go to the site to update your system. System restore is handy if updates do not work for whatever reason, if you need help with this just ask.


                                    If your running Windows XP then I would suspect your laptop is not a newer one, could you please give some model number and manufacturer. This would help in determining if Premiere Elements 9 would be possible to run on your system. Chances are if you cannot play any current games on your computer the graphics is not going to be recent enough to run video editing.


                                    I know comparing video game playing to video editing is not the correct way to go about it but it is a good basic example of whether video editing software can be done on a laptop.

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                                      gontc Level 1

                                      Thanks again for the continued help with this. My Laptop is a Toshiba Model: Satellite/A100/A105 Series.

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                                        jeffgedgaud Level 1

                                        I looked up some specs for the Toshiba A100 and A105 series of laptops and I really do not think it will be possible to edit video with this. You need a computer that can play video and do other things at the same time from the same program. This usually menas at least a more current graphics chipset than you system has.


                                        Sorry to say but you may have to look at another computer if you are wanting to edit video with pretty much any program.

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                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                          Although the matter looks negative at this point, I am not yet ready to give up.


                                          Several posts ago, you said that your computer operating system is Windows XP. As far as I know, Windows XP typically comes with the Windows Movie Maker which is a video editor.I think that it has been put into question just how much video editing you can get done on your present laptop. As a test case, why not let us see how the Windows Movie Maker will perform for you as a video editor in your computer environment? Have you been there and done that yet?





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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            Yes, XP-Pro SP3 comes with WMM 5.1, and that does work. One potential limitation is that WMM will Export to DV-AVI Type I, and there can be some OOS issues, but they appear to be static, so easily corrected in PrE.


                                            To me, one of the biggest limitation with most laptops is the single HDD. That just does not cut it, when video editing. Two is about the real-world minimum, and a 3x setup is better, like with my Sager.


                                            As for graphics drivers for a Toshiba, going back, the drivers were proprietary, and though they used nVidia chips sets, Toshiba was not very good at releasing new drivers. Back when, I had to "roll my own," using this SITE to use the updated nVidia drivers. This was another reason that I went with a Sager to replace my Toshiba laptop. Proprietary video (and audio) drivers are OK, as long as the mfgr. updates. I checked for my old Toshiba recently, and the original driver was still the last one - almost 6 years later.



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                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                              I think that you may have missed the intent of my suggestion that gontc see how Windows Movie Maker performs in his computer (laptop) environment. I was not jumping ahead to importing DV AVI from Windows Movie Maker into Premiere Elements (any version) here.


                                              I thought that I had picked up on the comment that his laptop would not fare well in any video editing situation. The comment appeared to be generalized rather than confined to Premiere Elements 9 or otherwise. So, I wanted to find out how many video editors performed OK or not while gontc could not get anywhere with Premiere Elements 9. Since Windows Movie Maker typically comes with XP which gontc has, I thought that would be a good start. There are other video editors and other trial versions. If they perform OK with the laptop in question then we need to direct the focus to Premiere Elements 9 and perhaps suggest the use of Premiere Elements 7 or 8.0/8.0.1 if there was still continued user interest for the Adobe products.


                                              I just do not want to take anything for granted and assume limited laptop functionality as the final diagnosis and close it off at that.



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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                No. I missed nothing. I only wished to point out a potential limitation of WMM.



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                                                  jeffgedgaud Level 1

                                                  Hunt, He does not have nVidia drivers, he has an Intel Mobile chipset which will not run anything but Intel drivers.


                                                  The suggestion to try Windows Movie Maker and see if that will work is a great one, if playback or anything is slow and stutters then it is more than likely your system that is not up to the task.


                                                  Having dual or more hard drives does nothing for editing video and Premier Elements definetely does not require it. Having a single hard drive for any video even on Premiere Pro works just fine, no need for more than a single drive for any editing using either Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements.


                                                  I have used all of CS5 Master Collection and not had any problems on my AMD based system running at 3 GHz with a single hard drive for everything.


                                                  Remember this guy is simply trying to do some editing with Premiere Elements.

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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    In the case of the embedded Intel chip, there are only two hopes: that Toshiba has offered a newer driver for that chipset, or that Intel has.


                                                    My experience with Toshiba was long ago, so things might have changed (hopefully), but Toshiba was not good at doing this. Intel, while making great chips, has always been horribly lax with the driver releases. Basically, it's all bad news for the user.


                                                    One of the biggest issues with video drivers (and audio too), is that even simple OS updates/hot-fixes can render the driver obsolete instantly, and then an NLE, like PrE, interfaces so very closely with that driver, that problems often occur. What fools many users is that other graphics displays still function, as before. It is just the NLE program, that exhibits issues, because of the level with which it interfaces with the video driver.


                                                    Personally, I do not recommend Intel embedded graphics chips for video editing. They are just fine for general computer work, but the lack of driver support usually becomes an issue. If not initially, almost certainly after a few OS updates.


                                                    Unfortunately, with a laptop, the user is seldom able to use anything but the embedded graphics chip. With a desktop, and a proper free slot, it's usually very easy to by-pass the embedded graphics chip, and just add an nVidia, or ATI/AMD graphics card, with more power and much better driver support.


                                                    To the OP, good luck,



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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                      Having dual or more hard drives does nothing for editing video and Premier Elements definetely does not require it. Having a single hard drive for any video even on Premiere Pro works just fine, no need for more than a single drive for any editing using either Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements.

                                                      This is simply not true. What one must take into consideration is the pipeline of data transfer, and the calls from the computer, when working with video and audio. First, there is the OS, which requires reads/writes, plus the Virtual Memory (Page File). Next is the program itself, which requests reads/writes, plus reads/writes to/from the Project file and the Scratch Disks. Then, there is the media, both Audio and Video, which have to be read from, and in many operations written to. These streams, particularly, are very intense, and for smooth playback, require hefty data throughput. Hence, a 7200 RPM drive, with good throughput is required. One can often get by with a 5400 RPM HDD, but the performance for playback can be severely hampered. With NLE work, if one only has one HDD, then there is a great deal of competition for reads/writes. If one has multiple physical HDD's, and they are properly allocated for the various tasks, the throughput is much greater, and is then only limited by the data bus' throughput, which will almost always be far greater than that of the mechanical HDD's. One of the basic laws of physics is that an object can only be in one place at one time. Think of the heads over only one spot on the platters, for an example of that law - one place at one time. That is why, all else being equal, a RAID 0 is faster on throughput, that a single disc from that array. The usefulness and implementation of a RAID is, however, for another discussion.


                                                      A properly configured and allocated I/O is about the best "bang for the $," when editing Video and/or Audio.


                                                      The above is one reason that a video editor should have few unnecessary processes and other programs running, as they steal CPU cycles, I/O reads/writes and can even clog up the Page File.


                                                      This example is only one-way, so it only reflects half of the process, say writes in our case. Still it works to demonstrate the multiple data streams with multiple physical HDD's. Imagine that you have 8 one-gallon containers, filled with water. Each is connected to a large container below, via 1/2" tubing. In the first case, all of the water containers feed into a single 1/2" tube, through a header, to the receiving container. Next you have the same setup, but instead of all lines feeding into that single 1/2", each source container feeds into the receiving container with their 1/2" line - no header. Which setup will empty the source containers faster? It's the same with multiple, physical HDD's and adequate controllers. It is all about spreading the load. The better that one can spread that load, the better the throughput. For "reads," just invert the arrangement of containers.


                                                      Now, one CAN edit with a single HDD, but the performance will be compromised. With all but a few heavily compressed formats/CODEC, like AVCHD, the I/O sub-system is the most important, and also the slowest link in the chain. [With formats/CODEC's, like AVCHD, the CPU becomes more important, than the I/O, but otherwise, it's the I/O, that is the weak point.]


                                                      The above is not meant to diminish the role of RAM, which does play a major role in the process. Within the limitations of the OS and the programs, more is always better. Even if one has a stout, well-designed I/O, but they are lacking in RAM, even with a large Page File, things will slow down, as RAM is faster than the HDD and the Page File.


                                                      Hope that this helps,



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                                                        jeffgedgaud Level 1

                                                        Bill, please keep the topic on what this poor guy is doing, you are severally going to confuse him. He is talking about editing video with Premiere

                                                        Elements, not Premiere Pro and using a laptop.


                                                        Yes, if you are going to be editing video full time as a professional or serious amateur you should have a system optimized for it but most consumers are not going to do anything like that. Most people buying Premiere Pro want it to edit and put that special touch to some home videos, graduation clips and the like. They are not going to buy a new system with dual drives and more just to edit clips of the grandchildren.

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                                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                          Then perhaps you should not have made the false assertion that a single HDD was all that was needed for video editing?



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                                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                            Bill asked me to look at this discussion and see if I can come up with some suggestions, specifically on the HDD issue, but I also want to say something about notebooks, their suitability for editing and the graphics chip installed.


                                                            First HDD's:


                                                            Bill explained nicely why a single disk will not work, but let me rephrase that in another way.


                                                            The OS needs to load DLL's for resident processes, needs to keep tab of what happens on the system and write event logs, do housekeeping, reading from and writing to various files, check network activity, write further logs, etc. The same happens with resident processes, that have to poll certain files, write back their results, etc.


                                                            Adobe needs to read your source files, needs to read the media cache files, the media cache database pointers, load effect and transition modules, write rendered files, modify wave forms, write its own log files, make autosave copies, access the project file for title info, maintain debugging info and load exporter modules.


                                                            Meanwhile the OS pagefile is often used extensively.


                                                            Quite a lot depends on the number of processes running, but even though this list of disk activities is not extensive or all-inclusive, it is obvious for the uninitiated that there is a lot of activity under the hood. For that reason Adobe stated in the minimum requirements for Premiere Pro CS4:


                                                            At least a DEDICATED 7200 RPM disk.


                                                            They have changed the wording with CS5 for marketing reasons, not because there is less disk activity.


                                                            If you look at the PPBM5 Benchmark results, especially the Disk I/O test, you will see that all the top ranking systems have raid configuration with large numbers of disks. The first single disk system in that list is more than 3 times slower than a fast system, mainly because of the lacking disk setup.


                                                            Like Bill said, in some cases one may get by with a single disk if you only use a single track of easy to edit material like DV and do not use effects, titles or transitions and the system is properly tuned and background processes reduced to the bare minimum and the fill rate on the disk is below 50%. But that hardly happens in real life.


                                                            Next Notebooks:


                                                            Notebooks typically come with rather slow CPU's, limited memory, single disk configurations and integrated video chips and lack of expansion capabilities.


                                                            I haven't looked up the specifics of the Toshiba in question, but the Intel integrated chip does not bode well for video editing. Too slow, too underpowered. Possibly the CPU is very slow as well and if there is less than 4 GB memory installed, that is another severe handicap. If the single disk installed is a 5400 RPM model, there is only one conclusion:


                                                            Invest in a new system.


                                                            Likely there is no eSATA port, but maybe you can add an ExpressCard  - eSATA card and add two 7200 SATA disks, although it will not be more than a bandaid, the Intel graphics chip is too large a burden.


                                                            Even though I liked Bill's example of the water containers, let me give you another example.


                                                            First consider that each disk activity on the system represents a single car. There are many activities, thus many cars. Each video track you add to your project increases the number of disk activities, thus the number of cars.


                                                            Assume you have 5000 disk activities to perform, or cars going in one direction from A to B.


                                                            What situation has more chance of getting from A to B? A single lane road or a 8 lane highway? Clear, paralel movement is much faster than sequential movement. The single lane (read Disk) situation leads to traffic jams, the 8 lane highway has fluid traffic.


                                                            Hope these remarks help.


                                                            PS. Standard this notebook comes with a 120 GB 5400 disk or a 160 GB 4200 disk, which is way too slow and too small, and is powered by a T5200 CPU, too underpowered for any editing of more than a single track. If trimming is all you do, it may work to some degree. Realize that this system resembles a pensioned and handicapped snail that brakes before cornering.

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                                                              jeffgedgaud Level 1

                                                              You guys are not gettiing my point, the guy is trying to edit videos with a laptop that probably is not good enough. But he is using Premiere Elements, not Premiere Pro. Premiere Elements works just fine with a single hard drive and a common system, not an NLE as you guys like to put it.


                                                              Page files work as long as their is room on a hard drive, you do not need two drives to edit video. Again I do video editing all the time on a single drive system without changing anything. The main point I am trying to make is most people editing video with Premiere Elements is not going to have a special setup for editing, they are using the computer they have.


                                                              I understand more than most here would about configuring a system for special uses but most people purchasing the $100 or so software for video editing are not going to bo doing anything more than installing the software and seeing if it works on their home computer without doing anything to the computer.


                                                              I was just saying that most people here are not looking to rebuild or reconfigure their system to edit video, they are looking to get their software to work without hassling with an expensive computer. And before you get into the need to specialize your compuuter or any other discussion about the importance of a configured system again, the guy is just looking to edit some home video with the computer he has.


                                                              To GONTC, I really think you should try out Windows Movie Maker and see if it works, as well as see if that will do what you want.

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                                                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                                Your argument is like the guy who has a 20 year old Beetle and wants to go on vacation with his neighbours large caravan trailer on a trip through the Alps. No way that will happen, because he does not have the equipment to achieve that.


                                                                Or the guy who suddenly decided that skiing is great and he already has ski boots, so let's go up the Schilthorn and do the downhill to Stechelberg. He forgets he also needs skis, clothing, gloves, sunglasses, and a ski-pass, let alone some experience.


                                                                I understand more than most here would about configuring a system for special uses


                                                                I start to doubt that and it is a serious expression that the general expertise of users is woefully lacking, which I also doubt.

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                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                  I think that you are failing to understand the forum.


                                                                  The Adobe fora function on several levels:


                                                                  1.) a poster has an issue, or question. That might be specific to their Project, their system, their Assets, or maybe third party plug-ins. They are seeking answers that are specific to their question.


                                                                  2.) other posters read these product fora, looking for information, and perhaps solutions to their own issues, that might, or might not, be related to the original post. This might well happen years later, and often does.


                                                                  3.) often, problems that were not realized, yet, are also solved in the discussions in these fora. One might assume that their issue is with RAM, when it is really their Assets, or the matching of those Assets with their Project. It might be an overheating CPU, and the amount of RAM, and workability of that RAM, might not be an issue, after all. This is one reason that we ask for so much info, when the OP thinks they have nailed the problem already, and assume that a very simple answer will solve the problem. It might well be something that they never considered.


                                                                  The dissemination of accurate information is very important, as Adobe does not purge these fora on a regular basis. Except for the few cases, where they have had a major changeover in their software, and the fora structures, for almost any forum, you could insert "never." Too bad that much very useful discussion was lost many years back, and then just a few years ago, when Adobe went with the current Jive software. In the case of the former, they did try to archive most threads, but lost all headers, so that one digging into the archive only had an abstract number, and could only know what was contained within, by reading each thread. In the case of the latter, everything was lost. Here, our MOD, Steve Grisetti, spent many days totally reconstructing the FAQ's. Same for Jeff Bellune and Neil Wilkes in the Encore forum.


                                                                  We constantly get posts, often to long-dead threads, where a user has discovered a post with the exact answer that they are looking for. We get tons of "thank you" posts, because with a bit of a Search, they got their own question answered, though the material in those posts was very old.


                                                                  When I added PrE to my "toolbox," the first thing that I did was to read every post in the previous version of this forum. There was so very much to learn from those. It is important that the information conveyed in these threads is accurate. When I have mis-stated something, confused the operation of a version of the product, or just gotten something wrong, I anticipate and hope, that someone will correct that reply with accurate information.


                                                                  One common mistake for me is to assume that PrE Z does things as PrE X did. When that is not the case, I am grateful that Steve, Neale, ATR, or others, will make the necessary correction. Along the way, I learn something new. Though some subscribers elsewhere, take issue with the term "community," this one is just that - a group of users, trying to help other users get the most from PrE, and solve any problem. In so doing, we are also providing help for unknown users, who may never have come here before.


                                                                  I do not want to disseminate information that might steer a user (new or old) in the wrong direction. I hope that all others feel the same way, and correct any mistakes that I make.


                                                                  We all attempt to make these fora friendly, accurate and a repository for solutions to nearly every possible problem. That gets folk up and happily editing, as quickly, as is possible. Here, that is one of the reasons that we tout Steve Grissetti's books and articles so very often - they are very, very good, and will take any user to a whole new level, with satisfaction and success.


                                                                  The reason that I asked Harm to look at my response was because he is the #1 hardware guru in the PrPro & Hardware forum. I wanted to make sure that my assertions were 100% accurate. We all do similar quite often - ask for editorial work from others. Had this been about DVD/BD authoring, I would have asked Jeff Bellune to check me out. If this was high-end Audio, it would have been Neil Wilkes. We all try to reciprocate, as no one can possibly know everything.


                                                                  Hope that you agree with the above.


                                                                  Good luck,



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                                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                    not an NLE as you guys like to put it.

                                                                    Sorry for the confusion. NLE = Non Linear Editor - the program, and has nothing to do with a computer being a "workstation," or an older "laptop." PrE is an NLE, as is Pinnacle Studio, CyberLink's PowerDirector, PrPro, FCP, AVID, etc.. Now, some do require more computer horsepower to function properly, and some require less. Each version of PrE seems to rely more heavily on that horsepower, as each provides more power.


                                                                    Normally, I will define "NLE" at first use, but failed to do so this time. I apologize for that omission.



                                                                    • 31. Re: Incompatible display driver

                                                                      Hi All,


                                                                      Adobe has released update 9.0.1 for Premiere Elements 9. It is an auto-update so you should get it automatically or you may download it through





                                                                      Premiere Elements 9.0.1 update

                                                                      This update improves stability and consists of the fixes for some of the issues as reported by the users through various forums.


                                                                      This update resolves the following issues:
                                                                      1. Title related crashes
                                                                      2. Issues related to incompatible Display driver for certain Graphic (GPU) Cards
                                                                      3. Other Bug Fixes