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    Thumb on scroll bar hard to grab


      For some reason, the thumb portion of my scroll bar is hard to grab. One needs to click and grab very directly on top of it, otherwise you cannot select it. Is there a particular size the thumb needs to be?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          The "clickable" area of a control normally matches the pixels of your artwork exactly.  So, if your artwork is tiny or very thin, it will be harder to click on.  If you want a larger area to be clickable despite the small artwork, here's one trick:


          1. Draw a rectangle to demarcate the area you want to be clickable
          2. Put it in the background behind your other artwork -- inside the thumb component
          3. Make sure the rectangle has a solid fill
          4. Set the rectangle's opacity to 0 in the Properties panel (don't turn off the eyeball in the Layers panel)


          This will create an invisible "mouse hit area" within the thumb to make it easier to click

          Hope that helps!


          - Peter

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            aimela Level 1

            Thank you. Great solution.