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    Minor Tweaks to GUI


      I'm currently left in the dark, since I don't own a Mac. But i'm a huge fan of these products, and since I can't play around with it right now, the only thing I can focus on is the 'look' of the product in it's current form (seen on Youtube).


      Are you guys still tweaking the overall look and feel of the product?


      I have a small, silly suggestion. For the section under ''editor''.


      Originally in June, it looked something like this:




      In it's current form, it looks like this:




      I tweaked it a little bit, inspired by version 3.0:





      Where the arrows are pointing, you'll notice the minor tweaks i've made. I think it gives it a more 'finished' look, instead of the big black gaps in between each track. And the arrow pointing straight down shows where I added a 'wall' or whatever you'd call them, similar to version 3.0.


      There could possibly be other tweaks to other parts of the program. But this was the only thing sticking out to me, and since I used to be heavily into Web/Graphic Designing, every detail counts.


      If this thread isn't allowed here, you can delete it.


      Can't wait to see the final product, on the PC. Thank you.

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          AftersixSeven wrote:


          If this thread isn't allowed here, you can delete it.


          Can't wait to see the final product, on the PC. Thank you.


          Definitely allowed, and always appreciated.

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            Thanks for the suggestions, AND for actually putting them together as mockups.  I hope you used Photoshop


            I agree that it's the little touches that can make or break a UI.  Since many of Adobe's applications share the same UI engine, this may be a decision at a higher level than our application, but I'll submit a feature request to that team and point them toward this thread.

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              AftersixSeven Level 1

              Thanks guys, I figured it was a silly suggestion, but details do matter,

              regardless of how small or major. I already figured things were still being

              worked on, whether it be the features, or GUI. So I figured I could suggest

              a few ideas, to help make it look easier on the eyes. But it's already a

              great looking program.


              I'm responding via email because every time I log into the site, it logs me

              out when I go to the forums, and then logs me back in when I go to other

              parts of the site, lol.

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                AftersixSeven Level 1



                I was having trouble staying logged in. But I figured it out. Sorry.

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                  Looks way better! Good job

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                    AftersixSeven Level 1

                    Thank you!


                    I would do more minor tweaks, but it seems like the version they put out for the public to test out is not the same one Jason Levine is showing off in the LATEST videos on Youtube. Some of the icons are different (Waveform, Multitask icons, for example). Which is more recent?

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                      _durin_ Adobe Employee

                      The public beta release that you have is more recent.  Jason's videos were made with a slightly older build before some UI modifications were complete.  There have been a few additional changes made after feature complete, mostly to ensure button consistency.  Of course, if you see anything glaring that you feel needs to be fixed, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'll let the Audition team or the UI/User Experience team that designs the overall guidelines know.

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                        AftersixSeven Level 1

                        That's what I figured. Although, I preferred the Spectral Frequency Display icon in the version Jason was using. It looks more natural. But since i'm a PC-only user, I will just have to wait till either we get a Beta, or the product is final before I see the final feature set, and UI.


                        Will there be more 'builds' released before the Final release?


                        Really excited to see where you guys take Audition with future updates (knowing a lot of our much wanted features won't be completed in time for the final release).


                        I don't know much about how to get these programs coded and such. But I've always wanted to design my own versions of these programs, to be worked on by professional coders.


                        This new Audition looks really good, using Soundbooth's design. Even though i'd change a few minor things. Which I pointed out in my original post.


                        Thanks for the responses.