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    How to show Google Maps and Earth in a video.

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I recently videoed my grandaughter's wedding but didnt get any footage suitable for the opening sequence.


      There is a good shot of the church (in country Australia) on Google Maps & Earth so I though, for a background for the opening titles, I could zoom in from outer space on the church like you can zoom with Google Maps!


      Is there a way anyone can think of a way of getting the pics directly other than putting my camera in front of the computer monitor screen?


      Perhaps there is an app that can capture moving computer screens?


      Google zoom goes in big steps. Once I had the frames of hundreds of jpg's, is there an effect to automatically get a smooth progression so it appears to zooms smoothly?


      Manully resizing and adding intermediate frames sounds so lengthy that I might not live long enought to see the final result!