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    ACR locking up i7 processor when using selective adjustments brush

    Mollysnoot Level 3

      I hit a strange problem last night that I've not previoulsy encountered with ACR, which is normally fast and responsive on my PC.


      I'm running CS5 on an i7 860 with 8GB RAM and a Radeon 5850 graphics card on Windows 7 64-bit.


      I'd previoulsy made a pretty large mask using the adjustment brush with an 8.5MB raw file. I say large as it was intended to significantly darken the background of the photo; it covered perhaps as much as two thirds of the image (not something I'd normally need to do) and the adjustment was set to darken by around -2 stops of exposure. I'd set up the mask a couple of days ago, but went back in last night to tweak it as some of the edges were a bit too abrupt in the way they transitioned from the black background to the subject of the photo. When I first set it up, it didn't seem to cause any issues other than slower loading of the file (but I expected this as it will of course be having to make a lot of ajustments to the image preview due to my heavy adjustment brush use).


      Working on it last night, ACR slowed to an absolute crawl. Even zooming in could take say 30 seconds to move from 50% view to 100%. Likewise, panning around the image when zoomed in was exceptionally slow. I have that standard Windows gadget running on the desktop that gives an indication of memory and processor use, and I was astounded to see that it was running the processor at 100% (I could also hear the fan kicking in to overdrive)! In all my time using CS4 and CS5 on this PC, it's never got to that level before, including when carrying out activities such stitching around 40 images together in Photoshop, working with 3GB PSB files, etc. This was after all a single raw file. I perceviered and managed to complete the edit. When I closed the file down I went back to Bridge and tried to open another file, and again the PC locked up at 100% processor use. I noticed that Bridge was still trying to generate a preview for the troublesome image I'd completed, and when it finally managed to finish this things went back to normal speed - I could for example open multiple raw files into ACR without any issues.


      I wonder if anyone else has experienced this kind of issue? Perhaps the adjustment brush can really push a PC if used heavily? Maybe I need to tweak some settings somewhere? I was using the 64-bit ACR launched from PS rather than from Bridge, and the only other application running was Bridge (as I would normally work). I'd have thought an i7 with a decent amount of memory could handle a single raw file, even with extensive modifications being applied.


      Be very interested to hear what others think.



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          Lucca man Level 1

          I had something similar, but not at the same level you experimented, and I am also havin i7 processor and win 7.


          I went on Adobe Help, the section on Optimising Photoshop Cs 4, CS 5 , Windos 7 , Windows Vista http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404440.html




          and following all advises, particularli the setting of the Virtual memory and now ACR works properly.


          I point out that I am NOT an expert on computer, but in my case, it worked.


          Good luck and best regards

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            Mollysnoot Level 3

            Many thanks for your reply.


            I have previoulsy spent quite some time looking at the various recommendations Adobe give for performance and I think I've got my PC set up pretty well in respect of this. Having said that, I haven't adjusted any of the Windows virtual memory settings, so I might take a look at that later on. However, I'm not convinved this is the root cause of the problem: my memory use wasn't at 100% (just the processor), and as it was just one raw file on an 8GB system, I can't see how it could max out in the way it did... But then I'm not a computer expert either...


            (Oh, you linked to the Mac performance page! Threw me for a minute there! )



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Were you running the 32-bit version of Photoshop for some reason, which would have much less memory.


              A good way to check if it was Virtual memory causing a problem, would be to start up TaskManager and add the Page Fault Delta column to the set that is displayed and see if that column has a large number in it while you're waiting.


              You might also experiment to see if the same behavior happens on another RAW, meaning that when you adjust it, initially, things are ok, but when you re-open it, to adjust it, some more, things are very slow, and whether or not virtual memory page faults are involved.

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                Mollysnoot Level 3

                No, it was definitely running the 64-bit version.


                I'll do some more experimenting over the weekend and if I hit any issues, I'll use your advice on virtual memory monitoring. However I did do some experimentation last night once my PC had recovered, and the problem seemed to only be triggered when opening that one file with the heavy adjustment brush edit applied. But I agree that more testing is very much worthwhile.


                Many thanks for your advice.