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    Problem running Burrito sample data connection app


      Hi, I have started the tutorial for Flash Builder Burito ( for Anfroid) given at link




      1. I m facing problem while creating data connection (java clases) ----  step named "Create a Flex data service" in tutorial.


      2 I have installed apache and deployed testdrive war and I can see the employee data through the browser.


      3  When i try to create data service as mentioned below .......

      Step 1: Create a Flex data service.

      Use the Data menu and the Service Wizard to create a service for your application server. For ColdFusion and PHP, specify the service file you put on your application server earlier (see Figure 1 for a PHP example). For Java, select the No password required check box, select the employeeService destination, and change the service package to services.employeeservice.



      ........ I get the following error on clicking Data(menu) ---> Connect to data/service











      Why  is this RDS problem ? Am I missing something ... Please suggest.