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    Linking dynamic text to external file


      Hi, im currently making a quiz with different questions and im trying to link the questions dynamix text to a xml or txt file heres an example for one question:


      on my answer timeline i have for the buttons (one frame per question):


      //Text Link
      question.text = question1;

      b1.longtext.text = answer11;
      b2.longtext.text = answer12;
      b3.longtext.text = answer13;
      b4.longtext.text = answer14;


      Then on my main actions line i have a list with all answers and questions, this is for question one :


      question1 = "Was wird unter dem Begriff  "Dynamic Light Assist?" verstanden?";
      answer11 = "Ein Fernlichtassistent, der automatisch zwischen Abblendlicht  und Fernlicht umschaltet";
      answer12 = "Ein System, das Verkehrszeichen erkennt";
      answer13 = "Eine dynamische Fernlichtregulierung zur dauerhaften Nutzung des Fernlichts";
      answer14 = "Ein System, das die Lichtverteilung ausschlieálich in Abhängigkeit von Geschwindigkeit und Lenkeinschlag anpasst";


      how can i put this into a xml or txt and just say from flash, hey heres where you find the text to put onto the buttons?







      please dont laugh.. it was hard enough getting everything to work as it is