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    How do you create a game bank?

    I need a sceen name Level 1

      I want people to be able the input the amount of money they want to transfer from one var to the other, then choose if they want to deposit or withdraw using a button. They will then get a 5% intrest every Saturday 00:00.

      I have:

      var named totrewarded (ur points) (dynamic text)

      var banked (amount in blank) (dynamic text)

      var transfer (amount to transfer from tot to bank) (input text up to 6 chars)

      Button named "Deposit" with code:

      on (release) {
      _root.totrewarded -= transfer;
      _root.banked += transfer;
      (if transfer is not 0, when I click it, totrewarded becames Nan, banked stays the same, if transfer is 0 nothing happens, if instead of adding to banked I subtracts it also becomes Nan.)

      Button named "Withdraw" no code yet.

      What am I doing wrong?

      BTW can some1 help me with:

      Getting cash register sound

      Doing the intrest thing


      TY IN ADVANCE!!!