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    Where is PSEventAdapter.zip?

    DBarranca Level 4


      maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I've installed ExtensionBuilder and I can't find the PSEventAdapter.zip file anywhere.

      Where is it?




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          david_a_clark Adobe Employee

          PSHostAdapter is the new name for PSEventAdapter. It is no longer delivered as a separate zip archive; it is integrated with Extension Builder.


          Information on how to set up and use the host adapter libraries is provided with the ExtBuilder documentation. You can access it as follows:


          1. In ExtBuilder, go to Help -> CS Extension Builder Start Page. The start page opens.
          2. Under Learn more, click About Creative Suite SDK. The ExtBuilder help page opens.
          3. In the left navigation menu, select Programmer's Guide -> Using the host adapter libraries
          4. Read the "Adding the libraires to your project" and "Host Adapter plug-ins" sections for information on how to set up for development.
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            DBarranca Level 4

            Thank you David!

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              DavideBarranca Level 1


              I've found that FlashBuilder fires a warning first time I notice it):


              PSHostAdapter not found in the Adobe Photoshop plugins. It may not be available for the Host Adapter libraries. .project /myProject line 1


              This for an Extension Builder Project with the correct HostAdapter library selected:


              Schermata 2011-01-20 a 11.50.28.png

              I did a quick search and Finder says the file exists, buried somewhere:


              /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4/plugins/com.adobe.cside.libsinstaller_1.0.2.201008301658/archive/csadapters-1.0/ps_host _adapter/mac/PSHostAdapter.plugin


              Any suggestion?

              Thanks in advance,



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                david_a_clark Adobe Employee



                In order to use the PS or AI host adapter ActionScript library, you need to install a native host adapter plug-in (and bundle it with your extension - ExtBuilder handles this bundling automatically when you Export your extension).


                The path you are finding is the path to the native plug-in within your Extension  Builder installation.


                To install the PS Host Adapter plug-in, you need to copy it from Extension Builder to your Photoshop plug-ins folder. For exact instructions, see the help page I reference in my previous post.


                HTH, let me know if you need any clarification on these steps.