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    PP CS4 crash - because of magic bullet stabilizer??


      I'm using PP CS4 and I have a wedding video that I've been working on and it all of the sudden crashed on me. I used time machine to pull up an older version which opened fine but I lost the hours of work I put in. So I tried again to open the file that crashed and it worked. I sent it to the media encoder to render out but woke up to an "unknown error" message. I'm back to being unable to open the file with all the work.

      My hunch is that the problem is an effect, more specifically Magic Bullet Stabilizer. This is only a guess but I remember it acting funny when I dropped it on the video layer. (It didn't seem to work and it would freeze up a little.) I could be wrong, other effects I'm using are Magic Bullet Denoiser and a bunch of standard color effects.

      When I try to open the file I see what looks like chopped up pieces of an error message and my desktop background in the project window and then it crashes. I'm unable to do anything before PP crashes.

      If anyone can help, please do...