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    print one image 4 times/page

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      Hello- I am having an issue with adobe acrobat reader. I have a pdf with one image, and I want to print that image 4 times on one sheet of paper. I go to print, page scaling- multiple pages per sheet. I select 4, but it only prints one, at the correct size- about 1/4 of the page. I think the situation is like MS Word, where if I want to print the same page 4 times per sheet, I need to copy the page 3 times, so I have the same page 4 times in a row, then tell it print 4 pages per sheet. I can do that fairly easy in MS word, but I cannot do that in adobe reader. Also- I cannot copy the image and paste into Word or Publisher. The copy option is not available for some reason. I checked the security settings, nothing said "cant copy images." Also- I have updated adobe reader, no change.


      How can I print one image/page 4 times on the same sheet in adobe reader 9?


      Thanks much for any help.

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          CtDave Level 5

          MS Word supports "content creation" - so, you can create new pages.

          Adobe Reader is not a "content creator"; rather, it is a "content viewer".


          To obtain a 4-up (or something similar) the multiple pages (within the file to be printed) must exist first).



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