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    Copyright & Citation Notice Equivalents in HTML Help?

      I am converting an online help project from WinHelp to HTML Help. In WinHelp, I specified both Copyright Notice & Citation Notice so that product copyright information was included in the Version Information dialog and when Help topics were copied. Are there equivalents to these features in HTML Help? Creating a footnote in a Topic Template looks promising. Are there other solutions?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Mike

          Unfortunately, when Micrsoft created HTML Help, for some reason they didn't re-create matching functionality for HTML Help. For example, you will probably notice the following is now missing:

          * Macros (I suppose this would be supplanted by JavaScript)
          * Non-scrolling regions (Can be sorta fudged using CSS)
          * All sorts of secondary Windows (You can define them, but they are a bear to make work)
          * Annotations (You can work past
          * Copyright & Citation notice

          Cheers... Rick