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    How to preload multiple FLVs for smooth playback?

    Daniela Remogna

      Hi Guys :-)


      I've an SWF which loads dinamically six FLV files controlled by actionscript code.


      My goal is to guarantee a smooth playback, so I've to do a global preload of each file.


      So, I've created an array. Each element of this array contains a custom objecte named PreloadFLV that contains a reference to a NetStream object in a field named flv_ns.


      To process the preloading, I do before a NetStream.seek(1), then NetStream.pause() and then with a Timer I check the percent progress.

      When the percent progress is equal to 100, I start the clip.

      This is a small piece of code:


      loaded_interval_array[queue_preloading]=setInterval(checkBytesLoaded, 800, preload_flv_array[queue_preloading],queue_preloading);



      Now my question is: Is it the only way to do a video preloading? Have I to download each file in the browser cache?

      Sometimes it doesn't work, especially I have an issue with very choppy flv playback when viewed in Safari on Mac System.


      Thanks in advance for help.


      Best Regards.


      Daniela Remogna