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    CPU usage when scaling the flash player


      Do anybody know about how flash player render the content when we do the scaling?


      Let's say i have 2 flash swf file.

      swf1 : the stage size is 2000 px x 2000 px. + 1 movieclip with 100% transform

      swf2 : the stage size is 1000 px x 1000 px. + 1 movieclip with 50% transform


      Let's say there is a movie clip on swf1. So i copy the same movie clip to 1000 px x 1000 px file and transform the movieclip to 50%.


      So it will look the same if i scale the swf2 x 2.


      If there is any different on swf1 and swf2 in team of CPU usage or etc?

      Like is it true when playing swf2 need more CPU usage than swf1 because swf2 need to do the scaling but swf1 not.


      Just not sure which way i should develop the content.

      Because i have to make some content and the width/height are about 3000 px. So i am thinking if i should set the stage close to limit 2880 or just make the content like swf2.


      And my concern is if it will use more CPU when do the scaling.

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          Justin Putney Level 2

          That's some big content!


          I think the CPU usage will depend on several factors: the type of content in the clips, number of vectors or pixel, bitmap caching, Flash Player version installed on user's machine, Flash Player version you're exporting to (and AS version), etc.


          One thing you can do, if you're actively scaling the content, is to set the Stage quality (AS2, AS3) to 'low' while scaling, and then restore it after you're done. This is a guaranteed CPU saver, because it reducing the amount that the FP has to render while you're scaling.

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            buddfung Level 1

            Thx Justin.

            Yes, it is for video wall. And it may more than 5000 px.


            But I don't really scale it in the flash file and i didn't handle anything about the scaling. It scale when doing full size of the screen. So if my content is 1000px and put it to 5000 px resolution. It will scale to 5 times more in the flash player.


            So is it any different if i make the same content on 2000px stage and 1000px stage? The stage for me is just a reference size for the flash player. And the flash player will handle content depend on how many pixel show on the screen. So if i import a 200 px bitmap and scale it 50% on 1000 px stage and import  a 200 px bitmap and scale it 100% on 2000 px stage, the 1000px stage will look half size of 2000 px. But when i scale the flash player to double on 1000 px stage swf, the picture quality and anything will look the same as 2000 px stage swf.


            So any different between in team of the cpu, ram or etc?

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              Justin Putney Level 2

              I'm not really sure about the CPU/RAM usage in that case.



              I would suggest doing a benchmark test. Grant Skinner's got some good tools for that sort of thing.