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    Help with workstation build/buy

    EricCJunk Level 1

      Hi Guys!


      I want to get a new computer for video editing as my current Dell 730x seems to take forever to render, and multitask.  I feel like i keep throwing money at it, and nothing improves speed wise.  I also just learned, after 10 years of buying desktops for video editing i should have been buying work stations!  Im not really confident in my ability to build a PC from scratch, plus I dont know enough about what hardware would be best, etc.


      So i was wondering if there is any ready made workstation out that you would suggest (HP, DELL, etc).  I will be working a lot in CS5, and tend to have long videos with tons of effects.  I would also prefer to have a system that can hold 5 HDs internally.  I have read a lot of the posts on here (im hoping Harm chimes in) but it all seems so confusing.  Some people feel dual processors are needed, others dont.  Same with amount of memory, hard drive speed, etc.  So i am hoping somebody can give me some insight on a system the have bought or built themselves.  I feel like I should have 6 or 12 core system, with 12 gigs of memory, 10K hard drives, and dual video cards.  But again, im not sure.


      I am willing to sell my car to spend up to $5000.00 on this, as im hoping it will be a investment in my editing future. Any advice or point in the right direction would be awesome.