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    Premiere CS5 freeze

    Julien Deka Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      working on a movie shot on RED. So far everything is find, almost done with all the VFX in AE CS5… (and there is a LOT of VFX)


      Yesterday, the computer (Mac Pro mai 2010) asked me for Apple's updates, which is find, most of time. As an Apple user, you know that's usually a good thing for the computer.


      Anyway, this morning, as I started the Mac, the Preference System pops up on the CUDA panel, asking me for update from CUDA… I ignored it because, their use to be a CUDA graphic card in this machine, but now it's in another Mac.


      When I run Premiere, I was a bit difficult for the software to playback. Freezing, stoping, starting to play again...


      So I decided to finally update the CUDA stuff just in case, and now, the software wont play at all.


      I tried on reel 03, which I was working on, but I also tried on reel 01 and it's the same...


      Is the last Apple update is known by Adobe to bring problems on the CS5…? I read on a French website that there update was supposed to improve graphic for gameplaying. Well I guess it sucks for working.


      Seriously, I'm really concerned here...


      Any idea how to get back to normal?


      Thanks in advance...



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          Julien Deka Level 1

          okay I just realized that the problem disappears if I quite AE (both software were open at the same time).


          But it still takes time to PPro to start playing after hitting space barre. Like 2 seconds or more, when it use to be almost instantly.


          Since I'm working on VFX, it's important to me to be able to run both software at the same time, to check my renders and to do correction in my AE project, if that makes sense…

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            JaysonM-Y Level 3

            AE CS4 does this to me all the time I'm on a late 07 Pro tho...

            In After Effects; Edit>Purge>All

            I hope you opted for 12GB or more(buying from almost anywhere but the apple store will be cheaper) of RAM or more with your option. AE uses alot if you don't keep it in check After Effects>Preferences>Memory & Multiprocessing.

            Currently only 4gbs on my system and when i gotta use AE CS4 or Motion 3 I feel like throwing it off the roof of the complex.

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              Julien Deka Level 1

              Thank you for trying Jayson, but it's more serious than that...


              Once again, it use to be find till yesterday... Before the Apple update 10.6.5


              I have 16GB of Ram, and 12 are allowed to CS5 apps (PPro and AE will share it). The purge in AE give me a little playback in PPro, like 3 seconds, and then it freeze again. After that, no more playback is possible. I can scroll on the timeline, and see in the monitor view. But space barre, or JKL are not playing anything...


              I se that someone else experiencing some troubles with the same graphic card that I use: ATI 5770.


              Really frustrating. On a professional project, you don't want to deal with computer maintenance. You just want to do your work.

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                JaysonM-Y Level 3

                2 words... time machine.. lol so you said it was working fine before? When I was mostly over on the Apple discussions over by the Pro Apps area, a main bit of advice I'd received was never to update your working system unless completely necessary. If all your apss are working and no bugs present, no random crashes etc, then you don't need a software update. I recently upgraded to 10.6 from Tiger and forgot to deactivate the apps and format the drive, but everything I had works so no complaining, more of a pleasant surprise actually.


                I hope someone else can contribute successfully. 

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Can you "roll back" the update and get to the previous state?

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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                    Try rolling back the ATI drivers to version 9.11 or earlier.  This has fixed similar issues for Windows users; it may work on the Mac side.



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                      Julien Deka Level 1

                      Yeah Jayson,


                      I know it was stupid to allow that update. The Mac kept asking me for updating stuff since few days now, and yesterday I was just tired (I'm working on this film since June), and did not really think about what I was doing and just hit "update now"...




                      yes I would like to rollback that stuff... But I have no idea how to do that. There is no "driver area" in a Mac... I mean not like in Windows. So there may be an option to do that, but I just don't know about it. Anyone ?

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                        JaysonM-Y Level 3

                        you can probably get the updates from apple's site. I have no idea still if installing previous ones will overwrite em cause I'm still on 10.6.0....


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                          Julien Deka Level 1

                          That was a good call, but actually I download the 10.6.4 combo but Snow Leopard doesn't allow me to instal it. It need to run an earlier version...


                          Anyway, tahnks to everyone for trying to come with solution.

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                            JaysonM-Y Level 3

                            A pity. The only way i can think of a roll back would be to run your Snow Leopard disk.... But I'd not advise that. Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

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                              Julien Deka Level 1

                              So, I did some test this morning.


                              Since I'm using 2 graphic cars, I remove one of them and tried. With only the GeForce GT 120 I experience the same problem. With only the Radeaon HD 5770, I experience the same problem.


                              So I first thought it was a graphic card problem. But I guess it's not.


                              So the problem is really link to the 10.6.5 Mac OS update..


                              Maybe the name of this thread is not good. I don't know if someone con change it?


                              Does anyone experience an update recently with or without issues?

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                                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                Thanks, Julien.


                                I jsut started a separate thread for issues that seem to have been introduced by the Mac OSX v10.6.5 update: