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    Spark Tree Control: ETA?

    TJ Downes Level 1

      This question is for the SDK team:


      Is there an ETA for a Spark-based Tree control? The project I am working on is heavily based on the Tree control. Over the last 6 months I have tweaked and customized the Tree control 60 ways from Sunday. It has exposed a number of issues and bugs in the control, and by all accounts it appears that Adobe will not be addressing these in the future.


      Daily, I fight these issues with the Tree. Simple stuff can be very hard.


      I am proposing that the project be migrated to Flex 4, for many reasons. However, the question has been raised by the stakeholders, who are aware of the issues we struggled on with the current control, is when the Spark version will be released. I do not have an answer.



      TJ Downes